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Isomatch colour formulation software


Colour formulation for your products and process made easy.

Colour formulation is the art and science of understanding and documenting how various pigments work together to form the final appearance of your products. Once this recipe is understood the correct formulation software can assist in breaking the recipe down to help you predict and control the process allowing you to save thousands in reworking costs.

The sensors team utilize not only the intelligent and user friendly software suite by “IsoMatch” but also the strong application and colour science knowledge from the whole Isocolor Team. Its important to realise that the software only makes up part of the success story, its the application training and time by your team to understand how your pigments perform as well as what your customers truly prefer.

Our sensors team are on call and ready to share decades of experience in colour science, formulation and measurement. For a successful evaluation please have samples and expectations ready.


IsoMatch Modules


Quality Assurance module.


Batch recipe control and correction.


Module for colour formulation with effect pigments.


Pigment database and substitution.


Base material database and substitution.


Physiochemical Synthesis

Application Gallery

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