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When you need a quick solution for a breakdown, the sensors team are here to keep you running with our respond and repair service available 24/7.

Our HunterLab and MoistTech instruments are robust and are designed to withstand harsh and busy environments. Should an issue occur our sensors team are on hand with a dedicated service and repair team to keep you up and running.

Based from our Leicestershire, UK office our engineers are experienced in a variety of optical equipment and provide a call out service to the United Kingdom, Ireland and mainland Europe. Whether it be a spectrophotometer, infrared sensor or spectroradiometer our team are ready to help.

Please report your issue to our helpdesk immediately and we will provide a quick solution. *

* Please provide Manufacture name, model number and serial number to our team.

Our Services


Stotto repair a vast range of scientific equipment including spectrophotometers, light booths, spectroradiometers, glossmeters, infra-red sensors and many more.

Certifed Service

The Stotto Sensors team are certified by the manufacture and are able to use genuine parts to fix your instrument or sensor.


Our UK service centre is able to carry out remote and onsite diagnostics to enable us to provide the quickest solution to reinstate the instrument or sensor and keep your process moving forward.

Loan Instrument

Our goal is to keep your process moving forward. After alerting our sensors team we will work on a plan to reinstate your process as quickly as possible.

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