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CCS-3000 Sensor

Online, Infra-Red, moisture measurement of chemicals and minerals.

MoistTech is widely regarded as the market leader and #1 supplier of online Moisture Analyzers for the chemical and mineral industry. It is only natural that MoistTech has come to the industry with the CCS3000, a revolutionary new non-hazardous approach to the moisture analysis for some of the toughest application in the industry.

MoistTech is dedicated to providing unique and creative solutions to the industry and offer a wide range of analyzers using several innovative technologies for applications considered difficult to measure with traditional non MoistTech technologies.

With an online pedigree spanning 8 generations of analyzers MoistTech is well positioned to meet the exact needs of the industry. With experience in over 5,000 applications globally and thousands of equipment installs, MoistTech represents the Diamond standard in robust, reliable and dependable technology for harsh environment process measurement and precise product control.

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Key Benefits for users:

Product Quality Monitoring

Allows immediate production line adjustments to improve product quality and consistency.

Process Optimization

Allows 100% monitoring of your production process to reduce product that is “out of specification”.

Fuel Consumption Savings

Reduce your energy usage as the drying/cooking process can be controlled resulting in a reduction in energy consumption.

Water Savings

Reduce your water usage by continuously monitoring moisture content.

Dust Prevention

Help reduce the risk of explosions due to dust.

Local Support

Local experience on your door step.

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