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828 Tobacco Sensor

Online, Infra-Red, moisture measurement of tobacco products.

Stotto understands the sensitive nature of tobacco manufacturing when it comes to moisture levels and developed the model 828 specifically for tobacco applications. The durable design provides the capability to endure the extreme conditions of tobacco factories. Utilizing Near-Infrared (NIR) technology allows Stotto to provide the best solution for moisture control as it provides an instant measurement without coming into contact with the product.

The 828 model is built to be unaffected by differences in particle size, material height and colour, making it the most accurate tobacco sensor on the market. Providing continuous, reliable readings with only a one time calibration, running maintenance free, and built with a drift free optical design allows operating personnel to immediately initialize process adjustments based on real-time data. Precision filters and algorithms have been incorporated to optimize performance under the demanding conditions in tobacco processing.

Unmatched in efficiency, reliability, maintainability, life span, and cost of ownership, MoistTech’s 828 tobacco moisture gauge is the answer to controlling moisture in primary processing, leaf processing and cut tobacco applications.

Providing thousands of measurements per second gives the users immediate access to optimize their on-line process to dramatically improve product quality, providing both energy savings and potential increased productivity with lower material losses.

MoistTech has incorporated it’s product loss software capability into the sensor to make small gaps in product, inert material, foreign objects, and belt or screw conveyor measurements are removed from the overall calculation to providing the most accurate and true moisture reading.

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Key Benefits for users:

Product Quality Monitoring

Allows immediate production line adjustments to improve product quality and consistency.

Process Optimization

Allows 100% monitoring of your production process to reduce product that is “out of specification”.

Fuel Consumption Savings

Reduce your energy usage as the drying/cooking process can be controlled resulting in a reduction in energy consumption.

Water Savings

Reduce your water usage by continuously monitoring moisture content.

Dust Prevention

Help reduce the risk of explosions due to dust.

Local Support

Local experience on your door step.

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