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ColorFlex EZ reflectance spectrophotometer

The compact spectrophotometer measuring colour the way the human eye sees it.

ColorFlex EZ offers the advantage of 45º/0º design ensuring that you not only get your colours right – but perfect every time. It measures your sample the way the human eye does. It lets you see your colours exactly the way your customers do, not just in the lab but in the real world.

Offers sampling versatility to measure everything from opaque solids, liquids, powders, granules and pellets to translucent solids and liquids. It comes with expanded sample storage for 250 setups, product standards and tolerances and up to 2000 sample measurements. ColorFlex EZ’s smaller size requires very little benchtop space and it’s one-touch operation makes it easy to operate for all of your colour measurement challenges.

ColorFlex EZ is also offered in custom models for these solution applications:

ColorFlex EZ Citrus is specifically designed to measure the colour of fresh and concentrated orange, grapefruit, and lemon juice. Citrus colour scales provided in firmware include: Citrus Number, Citrus Redness & Citrus Yellowness.

ColorFlex EZ Coffee is specifically built to meet and exceed your needs in measuring the colour of roasted coffee grounds. It makes it easy to define the degree of roasting. Coffee colour scales provided in firmware include: HunterLab Coffee Colour Index (HCCI), SCAA Number & SCAA Roast Classification.

ColorFlex EZ Tomato is specifically designed to measure tomato colour in its every processed form – paste/purée, sauce, catsup, juice, as well as fresh tomatoes. Tomato colour scales provided in firmware include: Tomato Paste Score (TPS), Tomato Sauce, Score (TSS), Tomato Catsup Score (TCS), Tomato Juice Score (TJS), a/b ratio, Fresh Tomato Colour Index (FTCI) & Lycopene index.

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Measurement Type

Measures the reflected colour of solids and liquids


Product-standard storage with Pass/Fail tolerances

Measurement display

Displays Colour Data, Colour Plot, Spectral Data and Spectral Plots


Available with 45°/0° measurement geometry


Requires very little bench space


Can be connected to a printer or a PC and used by Easy

Application Gallery

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