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Agera reflectance spectrophotometer

Simultaneously measure colour, quantify gloss, and store the image in one simple measurement—with a spectrophotometer that offers exceptional flexibility, ease of use, and unprecedented value.

With its 0º/45ºc circumferential geometry, 60-degree gloss meter, UV-controllable LED illumination and 5-megapixel camera, Agera makes positioning samples and measuring colour as simple as a snapshot. A single measurement captures and stores the image while it analyzes colour, fluorescence, and gloss. Even large samples are no problem with the largest fixed-point contact area of measurement in the industry.

Agera Spectrophotometer completes the picture with an industrial touchscreen, robust quality control software, and state-of-the-art data management—plus sharing options so you can make the most of your investment.

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Features of the Agera


Simultaneous colour and gloss measurement


0º/45ºc circumferential geometry replicating human vision

Sample size

Multiple port plates to accommodate a range of sample sizes


Built in USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Email data communications


Industrial touchscreen with modern user interface


Embedded EasyMatch Essentials QC Software

Application Gallery

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