A Quality Managers Guide to Colour Measurement

Written & Designed by our very own Rachael Stothard Please click to download a PDF copy In the beginning, humans would eat the food they eat, wear the clothes they wear and use the items they would use without much regard to what they really looked like. Nowadays, the first indication of quality of a […]

Viscosity Examples in Centipoise (cP)

Here are some examples of liquids with their corresponding viscosities in centipoise (cP): These values can vary depending on factors such as temperature and shear rate, but they provide a general idea of the relative viscosity levels of different liquids. If you would like to learn more please visit out Viscosity section and the team will be more […]

What is Centipoise (cP) in Viscosity ?

Centipoise (cP) is a unit of dynamic viscosity commonly used to measure the thickness or resistance to flow of a liquid. It is defined as one hundredth of a poise (P). The centipoise value indicates how easily or difficultly the liquid will flow – higher centipoise values correspond to more viscous (thicker) liquids that flow […]