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How to measure the colour of concrete with HunterLab MiniScan EZ

Its really simple to keep an eye on the appearance of your concrete products by using the HunterLab MiniScan EZ. Its important that you are keeping an eye on the way your products look and perform for the following 9 reasons:

To set a standard in stone as well as quantify it, just in case it will not stay colour stable as it ages.

To make sure each batch is consistent, preventing complaints and returns

To grade samples by appearance objectively. The better looking the product, the more money people will pay.

Monitoring changes to your process speeds up detection of failing components.

To establish an official measurement to make sure it is proof that when it left the plant, it was on colour.

This saves the blame game occurring and days of troubleshooting and re-working.

It serves as an objective method to make additive corrections.

It helps prevent shipping off-colour products by acceptance of an objective measurement before an item is shipped.

To monitor incoming raw materials. If these are consistent it will focus your efforts on the process and also gives your suppliers a target to work towards. Not having a goal will encourage a problem.

To quantify people’s preference. People judge the quality of the product on the way the product looks first, then by the other senses. Make sure you get to grips with what customers actually want and what puts them off purchasing (or paying a higher price).

HunterLab MiniScan EZ measuring the colour of concrete products.

The unofficial 10th reason which should not be quoted because it’s common sense to
measure colour.

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