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Are you Saucy ?


If someone asked you how saucy you were it might come as a shock. Sadly not with us…

Over the years our food customers have always asked us to find a way to determine when the product
looks right.

The problem has always been that 85% of purchasing decisions are made by the way it
looks. This subliminal, sensory, appraisal system that every human has needs to be understood.
The problem for our quality manager’s customer is that every time a complaint was received for
something, it was always triggered by the colour and the way the product looked. For example, if
the sauce was too red, their customer would complain and bring up a variety of other

“What could be put in place to keep consistency and rule colour out?” she asked. Take a look at how we helped this quality manager in the sauce world!

If you would like to learn more or to demo a solution to help bring the cost of running your process down please Contact us here.

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