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Snack Food

Save energy costs, reduce scrap, and increase product quality with extremely accurate moisture content measurement from MoistTech. We lead the industry in high-tech moisture sensors and gauges to measure and control moisture in all phases of production. With offices worldwide, we have one near you to provide exceptional customer service. Our sensors and gauges are the most accurate and reliable in the industry. You get repeatable results that require no maintenance. Everything is set at the factory. No calibration or maintenance is necessary. You get thousands of real-time continuous measurements per second with our top-of-the-line products.

Why measure moisture in snack foods?

To set a standard in stone
Batch Consistency
Grade product quality
Monitor Process Change
Prevents bad shipments
Quantify peoples preference

Measure the moisture in snack foods

MoistTech offers multiple sensor options to suit your specific application needs including the standard IR3000 series and IR-3000-F series that is Nickel Plated to specifically allow for food environments where frequent wash downs occur and protects against corrosion and abrasion. The food grade sensor includes a Kel-F window in place of our standard glass. Learn more about the IR3000-F sensor here.

Too much or too little moisture are both a concern for snack food manufacturers as some food items are actually sold by weight, so their moisture content effects the price and the taste of most snack foods are often based heavily off their moisture content – too much creates a stale tasting product and also contributes to mould and bacteria growth.

Many snack foods including crackers and chips are sprayed with oil and flavourings in the production process. It is crucial to control the moisture in the snacks, and the amount of oil added to ensure the best consistency and flavour of the product. Moisture can be measured in critical places along the production line to allow for changes in dryer times and keep product consistency a priority. Sensors can also measure oil coatings after sprayers to ensure the amount of oil or flavourings that are being used.

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