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Titanium Dioxide

Save energy costs, reduce scrap, and increase product quality with extremely accurate moisture content measurement from MoistTech. We lead the industry in high-tech moisture sensors and gauges to measure and control moisture in all phases of production. With offices worldwide, we have one near you to provide exceptional customer service. Our sensors and gauges are the most accurate and reliable in the industry. You get repeatable results that require no maintenance. Everything is set at the factory. No calibration or maintenance is necessary. You get thousands of real-time continuous measurements per second with our top-of-the-line products.

Why measure the moisture in titanium dioxide?

To set a standard in stone
Batch Consistency
Grade product quality
Monitor Process Change
Prevents bad shipments
Quantify peoples preference

Measure the moisture in titanium dioxide

Typical of several powdered or granulated minerals, titanium dioxide moisture affects the handling and transport of the bulk material. At relatively low environmental relative humidity (about 40% for a full day), the handling of titanium dioxide is compromised, slowing the rate of flow from one point to another. At higher relative humidity or for longer time periods, handling titanium dioxide becomes difficult. Increased moisture in titanium dioxide often requires the installation of expensive environmental humidity controls to ensure its even and free flow. Whereas other factors, such as conveyance distance and granularity size of the titanium dioxide particles affect flow rates, moisture content makes the biggest impact. It is critical to measure titanium dioxide moisture at various points in production to ensure ease of handling throughout the process.

Based on years of field data and decades of collaboration with industry partners, MoistTech developed the IR-3000 near infrared (NIR) online moisture transmitter. This precise instrument records thousands of moisture measurements to allow for the control of moisture in real time. The IR-3000’s non-contact measurement requirements mean that it can be installed to measure moisture at nearly any point in the industrial process. The IR-3000 is unsurpassed in performance, stability, reliability, maintainability, and cost of ownership.

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