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Save energy costs, reduce scrap, and increase product quality with extremely accurate moisture content measurement from MoistTech. We lead the industry in high-tech moisture sensors and gauges to measure and control moisture in all phases of production. With offices worldwide, we have one near you to provide exceptional customer service. Our sensors and gauges are the most accurate and reliable in the industry. You get repeatable results that require no maintenance. Everything is set at the factory. No calibration or maintenance is necessary. You get thousands of real-time continuous measurements per second with our top-of-the-line products.

Why should you measure the moisture in tea?

To set a standard in stone
Batch Consistency
Grade product quality
Monitor Process Change
Prevents bad shipments
Quantify peoples preference

Measure the moisture of tea

Processing tea requires precise measurements of moisture and temperature levels in order to yield the highest quality end results. From the time they are picked to the time they are dried and packaged, tea leaves need constant monitoring. Without the correct level of moisture and perfect temperatures at each stage, fungi grows on the leaves, contaminating the tea and making it unfit for consumption.

Each variety of tea requires different drying and oxidation methods. These variations are highly important if the right variety—whether black or green, Darjeeling or Earl Grey—is to be attained, with all the subtle nuances of flavour that tea drinkers expect in their tea. That’s why moisture testing and regulation using the best moisture sensor equipment is essential to tea production.

The IR-3000 improves the quality of tea, lowers energy costs, and guards against product waste. By measuring moisture levels with accuracy, tea leaves will have the best flavour and longest shelf life.

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