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Snack Food

Why measure the quality of Snack Foods?

With billions of bags of snack foods sold in the UK each year, the need for a reliable quality control system has never been higher. Consumers have grown to expect a consistency from packet to packet, bag to bag, and a noticeable difference in appearance of snack foods will call into question the quality of the product and may deter potential customers from purchasing.


Why should you measure the colour of snack foods?

To set a standard in stone as well as quantify it, just in case it will not stay colour stable as it ages
To make sure each batch is consistent, preventing complaints and returns
To grade samples by appearance objectively. The better looking the project, the more money people will pay
Monitoring changes to your process speeds up detection of failing components
To establish an official measurement to ensure proof that when it left the plant it was on colour and save days of troubleshooting and re-working
It serves as an objective method to make additive corrections
It helps prevent shipping off-colour products by acceptance of an objective measurement before it is shipped
To monitor incoming raw materials and ensure consistency. Your efforts can then be focused on the process and give your suppliers a target to work towards. Not having a goal will encourage a problem
To quantify people's preference. People judge the quality of the product on the way it looks first, then by the other senses. It will help with understanding what customers actually want and what puts them off purchasing (or paying a higher price)

Measure the colour to report quality

Not monitoring the appearance of your snack foods can result in lost revenue, poor reviews and a decline in the consumer trust in your product. If a customer does not like the way a packet or bag of food looks, they won’t even get as far as tasting it and will instead lean towards a competitor’s product that does look better.

Do your colour complaints and cross charges cost your company more than £50k a year?

Stotto Specialist Sensors has a solution for you. We can implement a system to set boundaries and specifications so both you and your customers know what to expect.

Our service will prevent out-of-specification products and vastly reduce customer returns, not to mention help you optimise and make savings on your production process.

The HunterLab Aeros is a Non-Contact Spectrophotometer capable of measuring non-uniform products accurately and providing easy-to-understand appearance data that you can use to streamline your quality control processes and set product specifications, giving you the peace of mind that the customer is only receiving the very best.

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